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Why wet adhesive tape?


Seal naturally and securely with wet adhesive tape

In times of globalization, worldwide shipment of goods is growing steadily. This is why it is becoming more and more important to protect packages from theft, from mechanical and climate hazards, and for them to be sealed in a sophisticated manner.

The perfect solution for this lies in sealing using wet adhesive tape. Strips activated when in contact with water cannot be opened without being damaged. The package is “sealed”.

In order to continue to fulfil different requirements, there are many different types of these strips. Starting with adhesive strips made from Kraft paper, wet adhesive strips made from fibre-reinforced multi-layer paper compounds are the strongest form of seal. So as to achieve better counterfeit protection and/or for advertising and marketing purposes, the wet adhesive tape can be printed in up to 4 different colours and with freely selected logos.

Climate hazards such as extreme cooling, extreme heat or high atmospheric humidity not affect the sealing tape. Even a dust-proof seal can be provided, the type of tape made for the food industry and medical technology industry. Packages sealed in this way can be fed to the recycling process without another thought. Separation of residual film, amongst other things, is not necessary.

This tape is produced by Neubronner in Oberursel using the most modern coating and processing plants.

 Day by day, our 82 employees provide for a high level of quality and delivery reliability. This is how many thousands of clients value the benefits of Neubronner branded wet adhesive tape products.


Wet adhesive tape: 

  • an innovative, secure
  • contemporary, sustainable and cost-saving
  • packaging solution


Neubronner GmbH & Co. KG in Oberursel (Taunus) in Germany has been dealing with this subject throughout 119 years.
Sophisticated packaging solutions have emerged as a result and they enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide.