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What we do


The NEUBRONNER product range is extremely broad. Throughout its 119 years old history, we have got to know many different customer requirements and innovative, new products emerged. Today, we offer the following:

  • Wet adhesive tape, rubberized and/or fibre-reinforced to seal cardboard packaging,
  • Taping strip, hotmelt coated to seal manufacturers joints,
  • Padded envelope paper for envelopes and carrier bags,
  • PE-coated paper to seal sacks,
  • Veneer tape for the wood and furniture industry
  • Various individual products on client demand

 Prepared by NEUBRONNER and sold all over the world. 


NEUBRONNER machinery allows for a wide spectrum of processing requirements. We have an extremely high level of vertical production at our disposal. This makes it possible to fulfil individual client wishes. Our production is carried out using the following: 

  • 2 gumming machines
  • 2 veneer tape machines
  • 5 winders
  • 2 flexographic printing presses
  • 2 machines to manufacture veneer tape